Akashic Records Consultations

The Akashic Records are the frequency dimension where everything about your soul’s journey, since its inception, has been recorded. All events, emotions and perspectives – as you experience them – as well as the unconditionally wise and loving Truth are stored.

Lauralyn uses a sacred prayer, while in a fully conscious state, to access your Akashic Records.

You will prepare questions ahead of time to be used during the session to guide the conversation. The questions grant permission for subject matters to be discussed.

Masters and Teachers then lovingly draw from the your past, present and future potentialities (the future is not destined) to bring forth guiding answers.

The intention of having an Akashic Record consultation is to bring you into greater harmony and higher alignment from the soul’s point of view.

From this deeper understanding, the Masters and Teachers can support the shifts necessary to bring your personality and your soul agendas into a partnership.

Comments from clients:

I have been in many cross roads in my personal and professional life in which I did not know what to do. I was fortunate in meeting Lauralyn who introduced me to the Masters and Teachers of The Akashic Records. Their guidance has allowed me not only to get a deep understanding of the problem at hand but also to find the highest solution to it. I do not know how I could have overcome the challenges that I have faced without the guidance of the Master and Teachers. Lauralyn is the purest translator that I have ever met. I recommend her highly.
– Dr. Ellena Coella-Jemali, Ph.D Psychologist -Miami, FL

Lauralyn’s peaceful home vibe is always one of the stops on my trips to Miami. The Akashic consultation is a deep look into the files of your life of which Lauralyn smoothly has access to. The rest is just good ol’ cosmos therapy laced with spiritual insights. I’m not a big “chicken soup for the soul” kind of gal. These meetings are more like Steak ‘n’ Potatoes for my gut instincts.
– Jauretsi Saizarbitoria, News Media Specialist – NYC

I had the opportunity to witness an unsolicited consultation one evening, when Lauralyn was told by the records of a new type of healing technique using sound as the underpinning resonance for healing.  The technique was used the next day on a friend with overwhelming results.  The Akashic Records connect us instantly with the authentic ways of the ascended masters.  I am no nouveau to the healing arts, the Akashic Records are what they are and when used by a trained healer one establishes a direct connection to the voice of Creator.
– Pahana www.speakdolphin.com


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