How do I prepare for my Akashic Records Consultation

Your experience in the Records is uniquely your own.  Address the areas you are most interested in.

Masters and Teachers bring a greater clarity about past issues as well as issues from current or future situations. They help with decisions, directions and possible outcomes.

Questions can relate to things you want to heal and evolve as well as understanding your role in certain relationships.

One can also ask about creative projects, business decisions, marketing support and suggestions for expanding beyond your comfort zone.

The Masters and Teachers truly desire to serve you in this session.  It helps to think of it as a friendly “board meeting” with unconditionally loving and wise beings.

They will discuss all issues from a divine point of view with no judgment or reprimand.

Once the consultation has begun, others areas may come to your mind and heart to discuss during the consultation.

Remember that Universe/God/Spirit/Source is always with us in the Hall of Records.

  • Make a list of questions or subject matters that you would like answered.  Do not worry about the exact phrasing as that can be tweaked in the session. There is no specific number of questions – just allow your heart to guide you as you prepare.
  • Have a notebook and pen available as you will want to make a few simple notes.  You can record your session if you choose.
  • Allow one hour and 15 minutes for the session.  This is a sacred time. If possible, give yourself time after the session to reflect upon the experience.
  • No recreational drugs or alcohol are allowed 24 hours before your consultation. Prescription drugs are acceptable.
  • Fill out the Akashic Records Consultation Permission Form below.
Akashic Record Consultation Permission Form 

Your Akashic Record Consultation will be facilitated by opening your records with a Sacred Prayer. It will be directed by your questions and the unfolding dialogue, as the information from this profound dimension is intended to come forth to support, guide and harmonize you with your soul’s desires at this time. Details about your past may or may not come forward depending on its relevance to your present situation. The Masters and Teachers are here to help you work through patterns that hold you back from experiencing your full potential growth and direction.  Also questions in reference to the future will be discussed as probabilities and potentialities.  This process is not for the purpose of “predicting” the future but only for guiding us more harmoniously with the unfolding future.  We are in partnership with this guidance and this process allows for our free will to still operate.

Our intention is to work with the Light of Unconditional Love and Highest Good for all concerned. My commitment to you is my preparation and openness to say what comes directly to me from the Masters and Teachers and to be clear of my own interpretations. I am guided by your questions, intentions and comments so it is important that you be prepared to be open about possibilities, potentialities and desires in your current life and where you may like greater clarity. All is presented to assist you in a shift of consciousness and energy patterns.

If you choose to share this information and experience with others you will need to be responsible for how they may receive its interpretation as it will not be coming directly from the Masters and Teachers. There is potential for misunderstanding information thereby causing you to shift out of its pure state.

All information that I will be relaying to you is held in confidentiality and no matter what I report to you from the Masters and Teachers you are the ultimate authority in your own life. Please take a moment and pause to consider the impact and power of this session as the Divine is allowing adjustments at your Soul level. This is allowed through the Law of Grace and your free will for healing, change and choice. You will feel the impact of this for days and possibly months ahead.

Please write your legal name below as expressed permission to open your Akashic Records.

* indicates required field
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