Transformational Counseling

During your counseling session, Lauralyn uses her vast experience and training from many
alternative modalities, along with deeper personality perspectives that are revealed from your astrology chart. Lauralyn’s nondenominational approach allows her to work collaboratively with those from any faith system.

An astrology chart is personal symbolic planetary matrix of archetypal personality, motives and potentials. It is an evolutionary map through life that reveals challenges, gifts and the path to wholeness.

These sessions may include energetic techniques, flower essences, instructions for meditation and journaling as well as referrals to other highly qualified practitioners.  These processes influence the body, mind and spirit.

Lauralyn’s approach allows you to be empowered to your innate wisdom, which reveals the natural unfolding of your capacity to function from a higher order.

You will gently be made aware of blocks, outdated belief systems and limiting habits so you may have a truer view of your divine essence.


Comments from clients:

Lauralyn Bunn is a beautiful being whose resonance to the cause of service has inspired her to assist others in contacting higher truths and guidance along their path. I have been moved, helped and inspired by my sessions with her.
– M Roban, Metaphysician – Miami, FL

I like to say that I love the Akashic Records. To open the Records and Talk to the Masters and Teachers is a big part of my life. It is a blessing for me to have this powerful “tool” to work with. I received a private session, and it “blew” me away. The healing that took place was incredible. It was clear to me I would be an honor to learn to do it myself. I took beginners and advanced (twice, I liked it so much). Lauralyn is a wonderful teacher, it is a blessing to know her.
– I. Digre, Massage Therapist – Miami, FL

The Akashic Records have been the best tool I have ever found in my life, personally and professionally. It has given me the opportunity to know and discover who I am and the freedom develop a relationship with my masters and teachers. It has been two years since my first consultation, and I still remember the impact and healing. Since then my life has changed in very positive ways healing so much pain and sadness. I was re-born by knowing that God loves me just the way I am and by opening the records, I finally understood that all the sexual abuse and pain from my childhood was a spiritual lesson to know that I am a blessed and gifted spiritual being.
– Carlos Anaya, On-Air Talent/Journalist/ Multimedia Producer – New York

Lauralyn is a miracle worker. My father died 7 years ago and I was still grieving as though he had just died. I did not know how to cope and I knew that the traditional way, going to a psychologist, was not for me. When I left Lauralyn’s I wanted to scream, I am free! I felt free and at peace, which is why I went to a healer to begin with. She is an absolute godsend. I do not know where I would be if I did not have her guidance. I have referred family and friends to go to Lauralyn because I truly believe she is remarkable.
– Kim, Law Student at NOVA University – FL

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