Masters and Teachers on “Responsiblity”

One of my greatest joys from doing Akashic Consultations during the day is my opportunity for learning and being shown other ways to view my own belief system even though I am helping another.

In one of my sessions today, the Masters and Teachers were discussing with a client her sense of strong responsibility to making sure she finishes and publishes the book she is writing.

Here was their perspective and guidance for her to integrate:

“Do your best to “en joy” your sense of responsibility because to have a responsibility means there has to be a gift or talent that supports that responsibility. God can then flow through us as we use the gifts or talents related to the responsibility. If when we think about our responsibility we realize God can come through, this allows us to see our responsibility as a spiritual path. Enjoying our responsibility allows us to expand our awareness of the experiences and see God in the unfolding.

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